Flint Creek/Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership

Our Mission is to educate citizens while building partnerships for projects to improve water quality, maintain water supply, preserve ecosystems and restore wetlands, prairies and other natural features for current and future generations

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Picture shows 5 interns walking in the river, assessing water quality

Know Your Watersheds

Go places only the locals know. Join the Barrington Greenway Initiative with the Citizens for Conservation! Join RiverWatch with Barrington Area Conservation Trust! Become a Volunteer Lake Monitor!

Explore and Restore

Go Birding with Citizens for Conservation and Audubon through some of the lovely prairies of the Watersheds. Pictured are two Bobolinks in the Spring Creek Forest Preserve.

Native plants in restored detention basin

Tax Dollars at Work

From shoreline restoration to flood mitigation to stream channel maintenance to wetland restoration to detention basin retrofits, governmental agencies are important partners in protecting water quality and watersheds.

Upcoming Meetings, Events and Position Opportunities


The FC/SCWP Management Committee has selected Jeff Weiss to be our new coordinator!  Jeff’s experience includes ecological restoration and native plant landscaping services, as well as planning and implementing green infrastructure projects.  He has also been an instructor for The Morton Arboretum, and on the Adjunct faculty for both the College of Lake County and Oakton Community College.

Jeff will be phasing in during the next couple of weeks!  Please welcome Jeff Weiss!

Next FC/SC WP Meeting on ZOOM: NOV. 17 (THIRD WEEK in Nov.)

Details available soon!

Upcoming Virtual Winter Deicing Workshops

Registration is now open for the 2021 Virtual Deicing Workshops through SaltSmart. 

NPDES permittees are encouraged to attend and promote the Deicing Workshops to their contractors.  Attending and promoting the Deicing Workshops can give MS4 communities credit towards reducing chloride runoff and credit towards their minimum control measures (MCM) including pollution prevention, good housekeeping, staff training and education and outreach.

Dates are:

Public Roads:
   September 30, 2021
   October 5, 2021
   October 12, 2021
      8 AM to 12 PM

Parking Lots & Sidewalks:
   September 28. 2021
   October 7. 2021
      8 AM to 12 PM

Registration is available through Saltsmart.org

LINKS to Previous FC/SCWP Programs

SEPT. ’20: FC/SC WP meeting with Michele Zimmerman, LINK HERE

NOV., ’20: FC/SC WP meeting with Fox River Study Group LINK HERE.

JAN.,’21: FC/SC WP meeting with Conservation Foundation LINK HERE.

MARCH, ’21 FC/SC WP meeting with Alana Bartolai,  LINK HERE

MAY 26, ’21 FC/SC WP meeting with Keith Gray, LINK HERE

JULY 28, ’21 FC/SC WP meeting with Amy Gahala of the USGS, speaking on Emerging Contaminants of Concern.  LINK HERE

SEPT. 22, 2021 FC/SC WP meeting with James Duncker of the USGS, speaking on Study Plans for the Illinois River Basin Watershed.  LINK HERE

Problems with Beaver? or other Wildlife?

SEPT. ’20: FC/SC WP meeting with Michele Zimmerman, LINK HERE

It’s Spring!  Critters abound!  If you need help with wildlife, or find something that has been injured, check out the Wildlife Illinois website.  They have listings of resources, including licensed Wildlife Control Operators for both birds and mammals covered by the Wildlife Code in Illinois.

SAVE THE DATES: Barrington Area Conservation Trust (BACT) has the following activities scheduled:

October 3 at Noon ’til 3 PM: OAKtober Fest

Local Styrofoam Collection Program Available!

This program is open to the PUBLIC and we encourage you to visit!  The site is open on Tuesdays from 12 PM to 2 PM AND on Fridays from 9 am to 11 am.

Please bring CLEAN and DRY items – a quick rinse with soapy water to remove food and grease will work.

No commercial disposal allowed.

Drop-off container is behind the American Legion Building, 51 Lions Drive, Lake Zurich.

See the Brochure HERE.

Other Organizations: Ancient Oaks, Lake Zurich; Barrington Green Drinks; Go Green Barrington; Fox River Ecosystem Partnership; Friends of the Fox River

Library Volunteer Connection

The Barrington Volunteer Connection (BAVC) is a space for volunteers to connect with non-profits that benefit the community. Recently launched, BAVC is a partnership between the Barrington Area Development Council and the Barrington Area Library.  BAVC’s goal is to bring all 100+ Barrington area nonprofits, churches and service organizations in one searchable database so that volunteers can find matches!  Check it out!


We are introducing our (Partnership effort among FC/SC WP, BACT and CFC) brochure on stream and lake buffers from the Saving Our Waters, Yard by Yard Project underwritten by the Barrington Area Community Foundation.  Click HERE to download (4 pages).

Native planting Stream Buffer View

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