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Watershed Conference Materials

Our first member conference in April of 2023 was a huge success, attracting 85 participants.  Attendees represented a wide array of interests – watershed members and stakeholders, sponsors, elected representatives, and a mix of other guests.  The program generated some good conversation which we hope will continue and lead to new efforts to protect and restore our unique natural resources.  Our goals include improved water quality, less flooding and erosion, healthy habitats and new recreational opportunities.  Below please find information shared at the conference.

Presented Powerpoints

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Grants and other funding opportunities cited by speakers

Jeff Weiss, Coordinator, Flint Creek/Spring Creek Watersheds Partnership

Jim Crum, Vice President, Van Scoyoc Associates

  • Community Project Funding is available through members of Congress. The most recent round of applications was due on March 19, 2023. It is not too soon to start preparing applications for next year. For more details, contact the office of your US Senator or Representative.
  • Corps of Engineers – Ecosystem Restoration
  • USDA / NRCS – Emergency Watershed Program
    • Watershed & Flood Prevention Operations – (WFPO): $500m Fy2022 to remain available until expended
    • Watershed Rehabilitation Program – (Rehab) • $118m fy2022 to remain available until expended
    • Emergency Watershed Protection Program – (EWPP) • $300m fy2022 to remain available until expended
  • U.S. Fish and wildlife Programs – Aquatic habitat and species conservation program
  • National fish and wildlife foundation – Urban waters restoration grant program
  • EPA – Water Quality
    • Wetlands Program development grants
    • Environmental Finance Centers: Technical assistance grants
  • FEMA mitigation: BRIC program
  • Environmental Restoration projects – reducing risk

Jeff Edstrom, Team Leader, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

  • Section 319 Grant Program
  • Section 604 Grant Program
  • The Loan Program (State Revolving Loan Program)
  • Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunities
  • Unsewered Communities funding

Karen Daulton Lange, Village Administrator, Village of Lake Barrington

OSLAD (Open Space and Land Acquisition Development) grants are offered by the Illinois DNR, and Governor Pritzker’s announcement.

Mike Prusila, Planning Supervisor, Lake County Stormwater Management Commission

SMC funding programs include the following:

  • SMC Watershed Management Board Grants
  • SMC Stormwater Infrastructure Repair Fund
  • SMC coordinates watershed projects and ‘re-grants’ funds from state and federal grants (including IL EPA 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Reduction)
  • SMC takes project lead & develops project funding
    • IEMA/FEMA Hazard Mitigation (structure buyouts)
    • Partner w/locals on drainage system restoration projects

Jim Anderson, Vice President, Citizens for Conservation

Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest

The Conservation Fund

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

  • Conservation Partners Program, Using Regenerative Practices to Improve Water Quality
  • Habitat (IL), Grantee, Ducks Unlimited
  • Farmers for Soil Health
  • Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program
  • Chicago Region Trees Initiative
    • 2022–2024 Urban and Community Forestry Grant
    • Oak Ecosystems Recovery Project
  • Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Local Technical Assistance (LTA)
  • Clean Water Act Funding Opportunities 

Jim is also executive secretary for the Chicago Wilderness Alliance. Chicago Wilderness has published an excellent resource for funding.

Jeff Mengler, President, Fox River Ecosystems Partnership

  • Clean Water Act – 319 funds – refer to Jeff Edstrom above
  • OSLAD – refer to Karen Daulton Lange above
  • Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation
  • Lake County funding programs – refer to Mike Prusila above
  • NFWF and Chicago Regional Tree Initiative – refer to Jim Anderson above